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Esoteric Photos

Posted in All of the Above on August 30, 2010 by Space Gallery SF

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. This weekend was a hit for Space Gallery. Moon Babies on Friday night was awesome followed by an equally impressive show, Esoteric.

The art was rad, and the DJ killed it. Something about dub step and awesome art that makes for an evening worth talking about. Dually impressed by both shows!

Here are some more photos from Saturday night! Enjoy! Photos by Thomas Landerman



Moon Babies Recap

Posted in All of the Above on August 30, 2010 by Space Gallery SF

Moon Babies was a hit! Everything from the photos to the film was a success. There was a great turn out, and overall a lovely night for all.

For more photos, check out Flickr!

Photos courtesy of Thomas Landerman.

Esoteric TONIGHT!

Posted in All of the Above on August 29, 2010 by Space Gallery SF

Tonight at Space Gallery there is yet another awesome art show for your pleasurable viewing. Come join Dylan Kelly, Chor Boogie, and many other talented Bay Area artists for this diverse and aesthetically exciting art event! There will be DJ’s for your enjoyment and if were lucky some exciting live painting!

Not only is the art great at Space, but the martinis are too! Honestly, try them, you wont be sorry you chose a martini over your usual PBR. They’re made with fresh ingredients and leave you licking your lips for more!

See you guys tonight! 7Pm sharp!

Interview With ESOTERIC’s Dylan Kelly

Posted in All of the Above on August 27, 2010 by Space Gallery SF

Dylan Kelly is a rad red headed kid from the bay  area. He represents his art, his style, and this area  with intelligence, charm, and charisma. He is a  painter, attended the academy of art, and has had  some experience curating. He is the man  responsible for putting together Esoteric, opening  this Saturday August 28th.

Check out this interview to learn more about Dylan.  The painter. The curator. The man.

Where do you find most of your  inspiration?

Most of my inspiration comes from music. Right  now im listening to:  Spin Drift, Redman, and  Brian Jonestown Massacre.

If you had to be a guinea pig in some kind of scientific experiment, what would it be on?

Opening consciousness.

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Posted in All of the Above on August 27, 2010 by Space Gallery SF

Dana Shaw

Hey Kids! Today at Space we have MOON BABIES! This is a special, one night only, event put on by Kirsten Invorvaia. This event features many digital media artists including Dana Shaw, Noah Charnow, Vince Skelly, Tierney Smith, Billy, Brandon Moore, Jamie Foster, Jon Beyeler, Matt Rome and Carl Sturgess.

Jamie Foster

A mad mix mash-up of funky film, funk-a-psychadelic music, and good times to be had! Hope to see you there!

Vince Skelly


Gettin pumped on ESOTERIC. TEASE!

Posted in All of the Above on August 23, 2010 by Space Gallery SF

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, proletariats and bourgeoisies! We have an art show, ESOTERIC, to tell all the homies about this Saturday, August 28th at 7:00pm.

This photo tease. But from the looks of these photos, your desires will be tantalized and you will be ready for an art show that will shine like neon lights.Curator and artist, Dylan Kelly has brought together a group of artists that all shine like neon lights. The group show includes Chor Boogie, Ian Ross, Ricky Watts, Jet Martinez, Bert Yip, and more.

Installation has commenced, and we can tell it will be an event worth seeing and experiencing for yourself. This is just a teaser. More to come!

LookBook+NastyGal=IRL PARTY @ SPACE

Posted in All of the Above on August 23, 2010 by Space Gallery SF

NastyGal and LookBook came together for another ultra fabulous evening at Space for the HYPE IRL party. DNA, Designers and Artists, were  HYPE-ing it up. The party was a hit. Hands down. Everyone was in their finest flocks, strutting it up. Almost everyone was dancing to hits the DJ was non-stop spinnin out of control.  Drink  tickets were given away for the most fantastic apparel on the dance floor.  Needless to say, everyone was probably drunk, because everyone looked  killer.

Here are some shots to show off.

Check out the FLICKr for more!