Grain Over Noise!

We all can snap a photo on our camera phone, or on our newest photo-digital crazed contraption, edit it on iPhoto/ Photoshop, and call it our next best thing. But let’s get real for a second. The creativity and self-expression of capturing a moment in time, and analyzing the structure and figures in a photo is pretty much lost with digital photography.

Despite the newest digital device designed for easy use, and the comfort of the trash/delete button, the days of real tangible analog film  are not dead. In fact they’re jumping out of the dark room and onto the walls of the innovative Space Gallery.

Grain Over Noise curated by the fabulous Piper Robbins was a show compiled of beautiful and expressive analog film photographs. Grain Over Noise celebrates the creative and expressive art form that is film photography!

To get a deeper insight on how awesome the show was, check out these photos. Stay tuned for more updates!

See ya on the streets!


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