Interview With ESOTERIC’s Dylan Kelly

Dylan Kelly is a rad red headed kid from the bay  area. He represents his art, his style, and this area  with intelligence, charm, and charisma. He is a  painter, attended the academy of art, and has had  some experience curating. He is the man  responsible for putting together Esoteric, opening  this Saturday August 28th.

Check out this interview to learn more about Dylan.  The painter. The curator. The man.

Where do you find most of your  inspiration?

Most of my inspiration comes from music. Right  now im listening to:  Spin Drift, Redman, and  Brian Jonestown Massacre.

If you had to be a guinea pig in some kind of scientific experiment, what would it be on?

Opening consciousness.

Which Ninja Turtle are you?


How has living in San Francisco influenced your artwork? Do you feel your art is strongly inspired by urban lifestyle?

Definitely, I grew up in the outer bay area. Chilled, painted all around there, and most of the graffitti or “urban”, “street”  influences would sometimes leak out into San Jose, Oakland, and Redwood City. These spots are where the epic street murals go down. The opportunity of moving to san francisco has exposed me to many established artists, street legends, and fine artists that make these streets shine.

I have noticed San Francisco is one of the converging areas for artists of all walks, passing through. I also really dig the San Jose and Oakland art scene, it’s got tons of soul, grass roots, and style. Not to mention open space to paint, while San Francisco has a prominent established artist community,this has influenced my art since living here.

You have a variety of mediums in your art. How do you choose the materials that you paint on? Do you use different techniques for different mediums?

Depending on the look or style I am going for, color schemes and icons are hugger in my art. I also try and capture the “randomness” of my creative process. I used hand made boxes, canvas, and reclaimed surfaces: spray cans, skate decks..

How has your style changed over the years?

Living in this city and being exposed to all the great talent has made me stress the tightness of a piece, line quality and a solid color quality.

As a curator, how do you choose an artist? Is there a particular theme within each artist that brings the whole show together?

I chose all of these artists because they are dedicated, solid and very hard working artists that do the art hustle all over this bay area. I also consider shows a service to friends and peers to give them and myself some exposure, and a chance to sell original artwork.

How many shows have you curated? Do you feel that there is a different creative process of being a curator compared to being an artist?

This is my third show, I also do live painting and set up art booths at events and shows.  It is very similar to the way I am try to set up a gallery show.

Curating a show is really interesting because you get the “flow” or feeling of the building and the atmosphere for the show. It is exciting to set the mood.

Were you interested in art as a child?  If so, what did your artwork look like then?

I have always been a fan of dinosaurs and random characters. When i was a kid I was fascinated by crayons and scented markers. I guess not much has changed.

If you were a virgin all over again, whom would you choose to lose your virginity to?

That one hella fine bitch on television.

What does the end of the world look like to you?

hopefully i wont see it. but probably like mad max, or planet horror.

Is the juice worth the squeeze?



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