Jason Vivona and Zombie Time!

Zombie time! The time is almost near… clear away your twinkies and guns. Run for your lives straight to SPACE gallery or else they will eat your  brains!

To get you all pumped on this weekend’s Zombie show, “Just One Bite” we have an interview with the one and only Jason Vivona, whose work and installation horriffiingly electrifies the show with orange neon drips and oozing brains.


From left to right: Greg Speck and Jason Vivona

Where are you from? What’s your sign?

I was born in Springfield, MA. Lived in Connecticut and Massachusetts for my formative years, but then gypsied around since. I am a Capricorn.

What’s the method to the madness?

I stain and paint on paper and then draw stuff on it, then I cut it up and sew it together.

What are you drinking right now?


Your work is psychedelic, surreal, and a bit abstract. You seem to juxtapose cultural influences with these avant-guard images. Where do these cultural and stylistic inspirations come from?

From all over the place, my brain soaks things up in a weird way, then this stuff just comes out. Plus anything that’s funny to me gets smooshed in there usually.

Which artists do you admire? Which artists have influenced your work the most?

As far as admire, there is a grip of people I love and respect their work, some I know, some I don’t.  Off the top of my head: Chris Johanson, Peter Rubens, Paul Joyce, Gerhard Richter, Porous Walker. As far as influence, I can see some and I’m sure there is a bunch I don’t. It’s all there, you can’t escape that shit.

If you had to share a needle with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?

None for me thanks…if I had to give my parents blood to save their lives then, maybe.

How would you describe your work to others?

They should just look at it….

What do you think of the SF art scene? Comparatively to NYC and LA…

I’m feeling it. I am stoked on all the folks that I’ve met here so far. Those other places are just different vibes, they sort of parallel the vibes of those cities in my opinion.

You’re covered in tattoos, and you give tattoos. Which mediums do you prefer, skin or canvas? Why?

I like paper, but tattooing is pretty fun. Giving people presents that last forever…that’s sort of neat.

When did you get your first tattoo? What and where is it?

I got it in Boston before tattooing was legal in a kitchen listening to Black Sabbath with my friend Laura, her boyfriend Jason (who did it), and my homie Kerri Valentine.

You’re an avid bike rider and long time skateboarder. Which do you prefer?


What is We Ride At Night about? Where do you hope to go with this project?

WRAN is a “company” that makes limited edition art products with our favorites drawing the graphics. Tees, and decks, etc.  Also, we try to give back in the way of curating group shows for our homies who slay it.  We just are having fun, the most important thing to us.

Many artists seem to have a pivotal year or moment when they start to take themselves seriously as an artist. Can you comment on a similar situation/feeling when it became clear to you that this is what you wanted to spend your life doing?

My mom tells me stories of when I was little and about how I haven’t stopped drawing since I was a wee little person. Plus, I can’t do anything else….

What’s next?


Buckets of fun with Greg and Jason


For more info on Jason click here!


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